Crossbody Boho Handbag - Zodiac Collection (Gemini)
Crossbody Boho Handbag - Zodiac Collection (Gemini)
Crossbody Boho Handbag - Zodiac Collection (Gemini)

Crossbody Boho Handbag - Zodiac Collection (Gemini)

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You're a Gemini – gentle, curious, adaptable, expressive, and quick-witted. Gemini represents two different personalities in one, and it's often referred to as the Gentle Twins. It's the sign ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents communication, writing, and movement. Your changeable and open mind means you're an excellent artist, and you were born with a wish to experience everything life and the world have to offer you. Light-green and yellow are the colors most often associated with Gemini, and your Zodiac belongs to the element of air, leaving you in the company of Aquarius and Libra, but it is Sagittarius and Aquarius that you're the most compatible with.  
Celebrate your gentle and fun-loving Zodiac with this gorgeous crossbody boho handbag! Featuring a beautiful and custom design, you won't find this boho bag anywhere else but at ClassyAll! All of our boho handbags are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards.
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Product Description:
  • Each bag features a beautiful double-sided print on premium canvas material that is soft yet durable.
  • Constructed with six interior compartments to keep your items organized.
  • Finished with an adjustable strap that extends up to 53 inches in length for a perfect crossbody fit.
  • Stain resistant material makes cleaning a breeze – use a damp cloth with mild soapy water to clean (avoid bleach) and let air dry.
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